what is a flea?

What is a flea?
A flea is a very small insect which has no wings, and it survives on the blood that it sucks from animals as it lives as a parasite. Fleas can go undetected at times, as they attach themselves to an animal, or they may be very aggressive and noticeable.
If your pet begins to lick, bite or scratch themselves repeatedly, this may be a sign of fleas.
If your pet has fleas, what will happen? Do you need to be concerned about them?
Fleas can be very serious for pets, and yes, you should be concerned. Fleas can cause damage in such ways as changing your pet’s eating habits and causing harmful weight gain or loss. They also can cause rashes or marks, and problems with your pet’s hair – such as weakening of the hair and even hair loss. The side effects of fleas can be hurtful to your pet.

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